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2005 Team Draft Analysis

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2005 Team Draft Analysis
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NBA Draft Mania's Shane McGrath provides his explanations on the 2005 Draft Grades and Rankings that were posted after the Draft.

Letter Grades

Overall Team Rankings

* Atlanta Hawks, A-,(9)- The Hawks got their hands on the best player in this draft, taking talent over need. They also get a great shooter and an international project. However, they didn't get the point guard they needed.

* Boston Celtics, A,(7)- Boston got a lottery talent with the 18th pick in Gerald Green, and avoided taking Roko Ukic too high as was previously rumored. Ryan Gomes is an absolute steal at 50, but Orien Greene was a reach.

* Charlotte Bobcats, A+,(1)- This was simply the best draft out there, as the Bobcats got their biggest needs, point guard and a complimentary post player, filled with two lottery picks. Raymond Felton will be a star from day one, and Sean May will become part of a formidable post tandem with Emeka Okafor. You have to love how they draft chosen winners. Ticket sales are an added bonus.

* Denver Nuggets, C-,(24)- The Nuggets didn't get the shooter they needed, and somehow managed to get 4 second round talents even though they had two first round picks. A major underachievement.

* Detroit Pistons, D+,(26)- Jason Maxiell would have been a sleeper choice in the second round, but isn't worthy of a first round pick. Amir Johnson shouldn't have even been picked, and Alex Acker wasn't even close to being one of the top players left on the board at 60. They struckout.

* Golden State Warriors, A,(6)- Ike Diogu will be nothing shor of a great pro player, and it filled a need. Monta Ellis and Chris Taft were near first rounders that slipped to round 2 because of some unanswered questions.

* Houston Rockets, B-,(20)- Luther Head is a solid choice that can play either guard position. A little early to take him though.

* Indiana Pacers, B+,(15)- Danny Granger is a very nice player, and should contribute right away, Don't expect much from Erazem Lorbek.

* Los Angeles Clippers, D+,(27)- A young team doesn't need an unproven and inexperienced international player, it needs an NBA-ready college player. The selection of Yaroslav Korolev is just plain stupid. The only thing that saves this from being an E is the aquisition of Daniel Ewing, who was a second round sleeper.

* Los Angeles Lakers, A,(5)- Andrew Bynum will flouris under Phil Jackson, and with hardwork, will develop into the next Shaq. A great talent in a great situation. Ronny Turiaf is a steal at 37, and Von Wafer will provide depth. Needed a point guard.

* Memphis Grizzlies, B+,(14)- Hakim Warrick was a solid choice, and will certainly add the rebounding this team needs. He will have to add some weight though.

* Miami Heat, A,(8)- Wayne Simien is exactly what this franchise needs to push them over the hump. He will play second fiddle to Shaq's lead, and should see significant minutes right away. He also has a nice jump shot. I'm a little concerned about his health, especially over an 82 game season and the playoffs.

* Milwaukee Bucks, B+,(13)- Andrew Bogut was the smart choice at one, and will develop into a great NBA center. Ersan Ilyasova isn't going to help out in the near future.

* Minnesota Timberwolves, A-,(12)- Rashad McCants may just be the single most talented perimeter offensive player in this draft, and is also very NBA-ready. Should start immediately. Bracey Wright is a solid choice at 47.

* New Jersey Nets, A-,(11)- Antoine Wright is an absolute steal at 15. He will contribute from the word go with his versatile scoring capability. Could have done better than Mile Ilic.

* New Orleans Hornets, A+,(2)- I wasn't as high on Chris Paul as other people were, but he will still probably become a star point guard if he can improve his shooting consistancy and overcome his size. Brandon Bass is, simply put, the best player picked in the second round.

* New York Knics, A+,(3)- Channing Frye was clearly one of the top centers in the draft, and filled the Knicks's most glaring need. Nate Robinson is a playmaker, and David Lee is a blue-collar workhorse. Dijon Thompson was a nice pick at 54.

* Orlando Magic, B-,(21)- This team wasn't in the position to have the luxery of taking Fran Vazquez, and international prospect at 11. Travis Diener is solid, but Martynas Andriuskevicius is very green around the gills. They didn't improve all that much, but the international players could develop.

* Philadelphia 76ers, C+,(23)- They needed to a true point guard and Louis Williams is anything but. They already have Allen Ivrson and Andre Iguodala, making the choice even more confusing. Williams is a nice talent though.

* Portland Trailblazers, B-,(19)- Did a nice job of trading down and still getting the guy they wanted, Martell Webster. I don't understand why they traded to get Jarrett Jack when they already have Sebastion Telfair.

* Sacramento Kings, A+,(4)- Francisco Garcia is a lottery talent that fell to Sacramento at 23. He is a shooter and passer, which are two things the Kings put a pressure on.

* San Antonio Spurs, B,(18)- Ian Mahinmi will probably become yet another great import that the Spurs use on their way to a championship. This was a little early for him.

* Seattle Supersonics, A-,(10)- Johan Petro is a good pick at 25, and with time will become a good role player. I believe the same holds true for Gelabale. Lawrence Roberts isn't as talented, but can contribute this season.

* Toronto Raptors, B,(17)- They took Villanueva too early at 7, but Joey Graham almost offsets that. Roko Ukic is a good pick at 41. I just don't see it for Villanueva.

* Utah Jazz, C+,(22)- They got their man Deron Williams at 3, and he will anchor their offense for years to come. However, they have up a ton to get him. CJ Miles will now go to Texas instead of to the NBA because he was a second round pick, which eliminates his contribution, and Robert Whaley is a real reach.

* Washington Wizards, B+,(16)- Andray Blatche will take time to develop, but was a steal at 49.

Overall, a good performance by NBA GM's and scouts.

The 2006 NBA Draft is fast approaching!